How do you measure a year?

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2011 had 12 months, 365 days, 8760 hours, 525,600 minutes – just like 3 out of every 4 years. (2012 being leap year has 366 days….)

A lot of those minutes were spent sleeping. So where did the rest of them go? How did the year go by so fast in some regards, and yet in retrospect seem so long in others? This could create an entire philosophical discourse on “What is time?”

Now though, I want to focus on one key thing I learned that has led me to create this business, this blog and find people who need my help. Upon reflection, this probably took just one or two of those minutes.

“Where does your ‘should’ come from?” asked my coach last January. That powerful question stopped me cold. After several seconds where I sorted through my mind and emotions to find out where it came from (during which my wise coach kept quiet and let me think) I realized that it was an underlying belief from my grandmother. That it was important to fit into this small box and all activities ‘should’ be done to create a perspective that allowed acceptance of the neighbors. “What will the neighbors say?” was like a mantra to my grandmother. Recognizing that what was important for her, need not still be important to me. At that moment, I started to see my life as MY choices – good or bad, right or wrong – and that I didn’t need to be bound by the ‘shoulds’ to make MY choices.

I then began to see my talents and skills differently, and not comparing them to others. What had started at as coaching for writer’s block (I hated blank pieces of paper) became coaching around the limitations I had in place around my writing. While I recognize I may not write the “Great American Novel” I do have a voice and can express myself in writing, in addition to speaking. The research paper that was needed to graduate from the International Coach Academy practically wrote itself once my barriers came down, as I had the ideas and what I wanted to say already written in my head.

So what started as what could be seen as a small question, unleashed what I needed to write, graduate and start this business. I can offer the same help and guidance for you to find your voice and share the wonderful wisdom you have to share with the world.

Contact me for an overview of how coaching can help you “Discover Your Authentic Voice.”

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