Gratitude in 6 Words

Gratitude is a way to examine the parts of our lives that are going well. Pausing during the day and being thankful for some aspect of our lives is a powerful way to create a positive perspective. It doesn’t have to be long or complicated.

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Why 6 words? A story has been circulated that Ernest Hemingway was challenged by his friends that he could not write a story in only six words. He accepted that challenge. The result was:

For Sale
Baby Shoes
Never Worn

Some of my gratitudes:

Great dentist, patient treatment, new crown

Former colleagues, now friends, sharing stories

Sister older embraces joy of living

Mother-in-law, lived life fully

Joyous birthday, life continues, journey unfolding

Pumpkin carved, children knocking, candy gone

Conference packed, Marion, Gloria, impassioned talks

Divine Mothers, spiritual connections, healing hands

Shared grief, friend support, years melt

Thanksgiving Dinner, Wonderful Friends, Worth Drive

Google Alerts, tracking story, ending known

Steady rain, 1.5 inches, plants rejoice

You Tube Tutorials, Self Directed Learning

Sisters and brothers, belief and love.

Great neighbors, dogs tended, travel adjusted.

Husband away, connect with technology, GREAT

Assignments In, Assignments Checked, Graduation ON

Calm assured confidence, authentic self aware

All done, what a great feeling!

Planned organization, tasks done, finished early

Deep breath, patience, focus, energy balance

Creative Cooking, Recipe Exploring, Easter Lamb


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